Join Dock's
Developer program

Support development to further the growth and adoption of the Dock network for decentralized identities and verifiable credentials

Why join?

We are looking for skilled individuals and organizations capable of developing features and applications using Dock’s credentialing technology.

Learn about Dock’s Technology

Enhance your knowledge of Dock by developing and building applications using Dock’s credentialing technology for a specific use case.

Help the Dock community

Develop tools and applications that enhance the network and grow the Dock ecosystem.

Receive Support and a Reward

With support from the Dock team, use the grant to build your idea and make it suitable for use in a production environment.

How it works

Projects must meet at least one of the following objectives: applications using Dock’s credentialing technology for a specific use case, ecosystem components to further usage and adoption, and low-level infrastructure development.

Choose Task or Project

Submit a proposal for a pre-defined task or a project that fulfills one or more objectives listed above ensuring the project is well-defined and technically sound.

Submit Application

Developers must submit an application describing the proposal project specifics, team background, timelines, and any other details regarding the project.

Receive Grant

Once your application has been accepted, you will be awarded with a grant to start your project to further enhance the Dock network.

Task List

Here are some tasks we would like to see developed

Anonymous Credentials Applications

Build the application using our Typescript crypto package, SDK, and blockchain.

ICV/Auth0 Credential Authorisation Flow

Use the API to issue short-lived credentials that allow for a user to login to a system or authorize their identity.

Improve TS Package

Improve the TS package using the WASM Wrapper. See what you can do to improve and enhance the project.

Client Library

Provide client wrapper code for our Dock API in various languages.

Improve WASM Wrapper

Improve the WASM Wrapper here. See what you can do to improve the WASM project.

Documentation and Examples

Improve documentation that may be confusing or is lacking sufficient content.


Ruby Wrapper for API

Create a Ruby wrapper for the Dock API

Frequently asked questions

What objectives must be met to be considered for a grant?

At least one of the following objectives must be met:

  1. Develop applications using Dock’s credentialing technology for specific use cases
  2. Ecosystem components designed to further usage and adoption
  3. Low-level infrastructure development

What criteria must the projects meet?

Grant applicants must clearly demonstrate how their project fulfills one or more of the objectives listed under “How It Works”. The individual/team must have proven experience in their field and have the skills required to complete the project, and all code produced as part of a grant must be open-source.

What is required to receive the grant reward?

Eligibility to receive the rewards will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Tasks are completed as instructed, in the case of Custom Projects, as agreed upon between the Dock team and the Participant
  2. Projects and tasks comply with the Program Terms
  3. Completion of the Tasks are reported to the Dock team and proof of completion is provided as requested
  4. The Dock team reviews and approves the submitted work

How is the grant reward determined?

The reward amounts will be different for the Tasks and Projects submitted based on the effort and resource requirements, and will be communicated to the applicant prior to being awarded the grant. The reward will be based on a USD amount and paid in Dock tokens at the time of completion.